If you are not dead and living your life on the same planet where we live then you must have heard about this video song.  It was so popular that the singer of this video now has a Wikipedia page even when he has sung only two songs in his entire life. Yes, we are talking about Pakistani singer and music producer Taher Shah’s Video song named “Angel”, causing what the BBC described a “social media frenzy”. He gathered a huge cult following for this video and made him an “overnight pop sensation” according to The Atlantic.

Now a YouTube channel called “PuraniDilliTalkies” has created a comedy sketch doing the parody of Taher Shah’s Angel Video song. They cleverly converted the entire lyrics and perfectly changed “Angel” to “Brinjal”.

Taher Shah Angel PDT Brinjal Tomatoheart Tomato Heart2

This video has now become viral and has gathered more than 1 million views within three days of the upload.  I loved the part when he says “Brinjal… Fully Organic……Come and buy Brinjal” Here is a GIF of this part.

taher shah angel tomatoheart

Okay. No more talk. Let’s watch this funny viral video now:


When the original “Angel” video was released, the Twitter hashtag #TaherShah trended in Pakistan, India and the United Kingdom. In fact, It became #3 trend in the world, and #1 in India and Pakistan and now this parody video is also trending in India at #4. This is the power of this guy and I have to believe that Bad is the new Good 😀

If you loved this video , share it now and let your friends have some laugh 😀

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