In today’s world where everything inspires a feeling of discontent and inferiority complex, what is a better treat to eyes than to look at somebody who is comfortable in her skin?!

Although we live in the same context, but some of us manage to be more real, less affected by the surrounding taming forces. Those people are more in control of themselves and in turn more confident about themselves. So, how do they do this? While they would like you to believe that it comes naturally, I assure you it doesn’t. All of our characteristics are developed over a period of time being shaped by our social conditioning. While one’s voice can be something innate, the confidence that it carries is something that one has cultivated.

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Here are the five basic things that confident women possess, and that you can too!

1. Comfort Dressing

comfortable is sexy

Before going out of your house make sure your clothes define you. The clothes you wear must make you feel comfortable, otherwise, you can try all you want but you won’t look confident in it. It is never about what one is wearing but how one is carrying it.

Now, we all know that one person who is comfortable in all sorts of attires but that is just the kind of body structure they have. All we need to do is discover our style- the kind of cloth that complements our appearance and is comfortable at the same time.

To be honest, confidence is about attitude. So, while smart clothes give you confidence, a confident attitude makes you look good in any cloth. It is a two-way process.

2. No People Pleasing

people pleaser signs

People pleasing is associated with a number of negative attributes like low self-esteem, need for validation, desperation, and loneliness. One has to understand that this world is diverse and once in a while we will come across somebody who doesn’t think like us. We weren’t born to please everyone and we sure as hell shouldn’t make this our aim.

Confident people know who they want to have a relationship with and who is just not their cup of tea. They understand that they do not need to deal with everyone’s shit. And hence, their life is simpler. They get more time to focus on their self-growth rather than wasting it on making everyone happy which would ideally never be the case.

3. At Peach With Oneself

at peace with oneself

A confident woman knows where she lacks and what all she does best. She forgives herself and above all she accepts herself. Some people tend to indulge in self-loathing because somewhere they are not meeting the so-called societal standards of appearance or achievements. But, a rational human understands that all of us are flawed and perfection is an illusion.

A confident woman would lead her team but would also step back when she knows that there is someone who can lead better than her. This makes her a dignified human and that is how she stands out. For, it isn’t  always about being the best as much as it is about knowing what would be best.

4. Taking A Stand

A confident woman has opinions regarding things that matter. While diplomacy is a revered trait, some people take diplomacy for not having a personal view on something. This isn’t true. Diplomacy can only be practiced when one knows both the sides of opinion thoroughly and gets his way through by not antagonizing either side. There are nevertheless certain issues where one needs to have an opinion. Not having an opinion hints towards the lack of knowledge and self-esteem. The thing about confident people is that they know what they want and why exactly do they want that. They can substantiate their stand because they argue only about things that they are fully aware of. They avoid confrontation in matters where they lack information, which is smart. One does not need to have a knowledge of everything but one should definitely try and be aware of things that matter and affect oneself.

5. No Time For Insecurity

A confident woman believes in herself. She believes in the fact that she can achieve whatever she wants to without necessarily depending on others. Most importantly she believes that other’s success is in no way hindering her progress. This saves her from being a victim of hatred. She tends to help other women achieve their dreams instead of pulling them down. She doesn’t see everyone as her competitor and is kind and considerate at heart.

When one realizes that no one can ruin their lives except for they themselves, they are more likely to be at peace. Confident women know that they need to look after themselves and not expect others to look out for them. Their self-reliance makes them the confident person they are.

Although these habits look simple but are very difficult to inculcate within oneself. Nevertheless, these qualities once acquired, would improve your life multifold. A world full of confident beings is a world which is more conscious and rational as compared to a world where people are not sure of what they want and are always doubtful of the self.

Tell us your own secret of the confidence that you flaunt in the comment section below and do not forget to tag all the wonderful confident women that you know 🙂

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