‘CASCADE’ that is what his pen name is. I will tell you how I came across his profile on Instagram.

Know about those summer afternoons when it’s too hot to step outside the roof, and there is always that one room which remains cool even when the other rooms are burning. You take shelter in there.

You fancy rain. Ask for mercy from the Sun God, but he wouldn’t listen.

You try to read novels, good ones, but somehow solace is hard to find.

Nothing on the television makes sense, nothing in the real world makes sense.

So, you turn on your computer and plunge into other people’s lives, the alternate reality.

“cascadesire started following you”

No, he didn’t have a huge follower base, no fancy bio, around 100 posts or so.

But Man Oh Man!

He is a magician with a pen in his hand. Ecstatic – his imagination!

I followed him back. I fail to scroll down without losing my heart to his poems, whenever it pops up on my wall.

Let me help you sneak in,

A momentary peek in,

I promise you would sink in,

For it’s all about desires and cravings brimming.




Feel something?

Do you miss someone?

Well, that’s what poetry does, right?

Sometimes you come across some random personalities and you realize they are immensely talented and you want the world to know about them, that’s how I felt about this person to whom this profile belongs – @cascadesire .

You can tell us what you think about his work in the comment section :).

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