Whatsapp, with over 160 million users in India, is one of the most popular apps in the country. Recently, it launched the much-awaited video calling option and now there are speculations about the launch of editing and revoking text options within the app.

According to twitter account WABetainfo, apparently a trustworthy source as all the updates posted by it about Whatsapp has previously been true, Whatsapp will soon allow customers to revoke and edit their sent messages. According to this source, this service has been spotted in WhatsApp beta for iOS Supposedly, users can revoke a message even after it has been read by the recipient. This service will also be extended to group chats.



Whatsapp also plans to introduce edit options, where users can edit their texts after sending it. Although, these services might take some time before it is rolled out for general customers.

Additionally, Whatsapp is willing to launch a service where users can set up ‘status’ which would only be visible to selective contacts.

Jeez! no more awkward texts to wrong people.’

Go on, let your friends know what Whatsapp has to offer. 😀


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