Today, the second teaser of Sultan has been released by the makers which is all about Anushka Sharma, who plays Aarfa in the movie. Today is 1st May, which is also the birthday of Anushka Sharma and hence, Salman revealed this teaser by saying “Happy Birthday to my Sultani Arfa , Sultan Ki Jaan ” through his Official Twitter account.

This is for the first time when Anushka Sharm would be seen working with Salman Khan on the silver screen and she is looking perfectly fit and stunning in this teaser. She has been shown doing wrestling with men, heads to various wrestling championships.

This teaser only focuses on Aarfa, who is the woman Sultan loves. There is not a single frame of Salman in this teaser but just his voice accompanied by mesmerizing rising music score in the background. In the voiceover, Salman aka Sultan says

“Iss desh ki jaan na, iss desh ki ladies hain, jitni komal ye laage hai, us se jada taakat inki baajuyon mein hai”.

This teaser has definitely succeeded to show the bold and strong side of a woman who dares to challenge men in every field of life. We also loved the way Salman speaks in Haryanvi. This is the first time Salman will be doing this Haryanvi accent and dialect and he has succeeded to do it  in an absolutely way. In fact,  Preity Zinta has praised her actor-friend Salman Khan for brilliantly getting into the skin of a Haryana-based wrestler in upcoming sports drama “Sultan”.

Anyway, Let’s watch this Inspiring teaser of “Sultan” with a goose-bumping background voiceover of Salman Khan.



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