If you are a socially active person ( at least online ) , you must have heard some buzz about a very low budget, India centered, weirdly named socio-political movie titled “Buddha In A Traffic Jam”. This movie has no fancy songs, no fancy actors, no sexy dances and no dreamland locations at all. What it possesses is some really good concepts, good storyline, great directions and some great acting stuff,  like what we expect from trained actors of Film schools. But who cares about all these so called great things. We simply like things that we always have liked… I mean, We like Dance, We like Khans, We like Item Songs and yes, how can we forget to mention how much we do like brainless humor and plotless laughters in our movies . These are “the must” for an Indian Cinema and Buddha In A Traffic Jam doesn’t offer these masalas. This film stars Anupam Kher, Arunoday Singh, Mahi Gill, Anchal Dwivedi and Pallavi Joshi among others.

Anyways, here we have listed the top 7 most compelling reasons that simplify your decision to sit and relax on Friday 13th, 2016 at your home and not to watch “Buddha In A Traffic Jam” which is, unfortunately going to release in a country like India on the same “Apshaguni” day Friday 13th.

  • You Simply hate globally acclaimed or awarded movies.

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Yes, most of us simply stop waiting for a movie once we notice if it’s a critically acclaimed movie. We are the people who just love to show our middle finger to the critics by making films like Dilwale, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo a super duper hit. Why the hell do we care about films like this which receive nominations and awards at various prestigious film festivals around the world including Madrid, Jakarta, Mumbai and Jaipur.

  • You hate these ugly fonts used in this movie.

Buddha In a Traffic Jam GIF By Tomatoheart 2

Okay, let me tell you this fact. The budget of this film is so less that one can’t even think to buy a good 3BHK apartment in Mumbai in this budget.  The writer & director Mr. Vivek Agnihotri has made this film out of his passion, not using the money of high-budget Bollywood producer. Perhaps he has made this movie on “Windows Movie Maker” using tradition transition effects and fonts. Were you looking for some VFX?

  • You hate realistic violence and can’t tolerate it.

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Nope, you can’t see a person holding someone’s balls like this. This is insane and unrealistic for our reel-life habits. We love the type of actions and violence that we see in films like Murder, Dabbang, Chennai Express because we think that they do it in style. But this is so much real. No, we can’t tolerate this.

  • You think this Director is a liar. He showed a man putting water into eyes and says it’s an” eye opener”

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  • You hate Anupam Kher just because you think he supports BJP, no matter how well he acts.

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  • You hate abusive and offensive terms in Bollywood Films specially maa**c**od

Buddha In a Traffic Jam GIF By Tomatoheart 6

No, you are not the one who made films like Delhi Belly and Omkara , a commercial success . You simply hate movies that have Gaalis in it, especially if it’s in Hindi , you can’t see such movies. Right?

  • No, you don’t like this at all. In fact, you think this movie should be banned.

Buddha In a Traffic Jam GIF By Tomatoheart 7

Anyways, The movie tries to expose the unholy nexus between the Naxals, NGOs, academia and the acclaimed scholars and their motives and the Director has tirelessly tried to show it in a quite unabashed way. But who really cares about these big issues. We are Indians and we watch films just to have fun, not to ignite our thoughts or intellects.

This movie is set to be released on 13th May 2016 and here is the official trailer of this video which I am sharing just because you managed to read this article till now. You seem to be a reader and we really need thoughtful readers and thinkers in our country 🙂

Note: All animated GIFs shown above under this article has been created by staffs at Tomatoheart using the official video trailer of “Buddha In A Traffic Jam” from this link. You might like our GIF collections at: https://giphy.com/channel/tomatoheart

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