As the whole world is mourning about India’s 500 and 1000 note ban and Trump’s win, some people out there are sad for a different reason.

Toblerone has changed its shape.

The peaks are slimmer now and the valleys have gone wider, but the price remains intact.


As fans outrage with this decision, the company has come out with its explanation.

“Toblerone is all about the triangle,” quoted Stephen Mason on Facebook. “Why couldn’t you just lose a triangle at the end or make the triangles smaller?

The 400-gram and 170-gram milk chocolate bar have been cropped down to 360 grams and 150 grams to reduce costs.This has been done as the prices of ingredients has been rising up day by day.The altered shape is visible only once the box is opened.


Stephen also quoted ” we had to make a decision between changing the look of the bars or raising the price.”

Consumers are outraged by this decision. Consumers made Toblerone’s Facebook page a medium to enquire why the company has decided to add those gaps between the triangles, why did they increase the valley size between peaks, rather than decreasing the length of the bars.

Toblerone bars were first fashioned in Switzerland in 1908. They occupy a unique room in the hearts of countless British consumers. The chocolate treats were usually brought back from holidays overseas.

Lee Yarker, a Toblerone lover quoted “Fair enough reducing the weight of the bar, but why the big gap in between segments? Looks stupid in my opinion, could have just made the bar shorter and kept the original design.”

“It looks dreadful … you should have reduced the length and kept the chunky triangles,” Cathy White added

British consumers took to social media to criticize about changes done to their favorite Swiss-made luxury chocolate bar, which has had its unique shape for more than a century now.

This is how Twitterati reacted on the issue

Are you happy with this shape? Let us know your views in the comments section.

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