When I look back, all the memories don’t seem so far away. I still remember my first day at college when I sat in the wrong class. It was after a few minutes into talking to the girl beside me, I realized that I was sitting in the wrong stream.

I rushed back to the class I belonged to whom I now lovingly call as ‘Tedhi hai, par meri hai‘. As I sat next to a girl, I being the hyperactive bonhomie, said hello to her and introduced myself. The following reply and reaction had me in splits. She simply said hello and went back to staring at her phone (which was off by the way). Maybe I over expected to have a little conversation, considering the fact that she wasn’t busy and the teacher hadn’t come yet.

Story of an Engineer

Days went by and thankfully I had found myself an amazing gang of friends. Gang! Yes, it was a total of 15 people at that time – who used to go for outings together and would always sit next to each other, practically taking over a whole right column of desks in the class.

It was all going very smoothly until something happened- ‘we stepped into the third year.’ This is the year when you realize that from the next year, you’ll sitting for placements , and we’re still clueless about what we want to do in our lives after we graduate.

You’d see people taking up coaching classes for further studies, sitting back at home studying for what not- which would all lead to nothing but fewer interactions among friends and the frustrations from all the stress we’d have in our minds would become so evident in our actions.

At that time, the key is to have faith in yourself and keep working. You’ll eventually get what you deserve, even if it means getting it a day just before your farewell. In fact, happy news tastes even better when received unexpectedly.

You might start to feel  that your friendship is not the way as it used to be, but one should just believe in the relations they have formed over the years and be patient enough to give it some time. Because yes it’ll no longer be the same- it could either turn out to be even stronger or remain none at all. Sorry! But it’s true, the one which is supposed to last will last no matter what unless you end up not wanting to be in one.

Story of an Engineer

The fourth year is the year full of firsts and lasts. This is the one to make memories, it may sound cliched but these four years wouldn’t come back. So enjoy as much as you can, organize, participate; for more than the books, it’s the experience which takes you to places.

As I sit down to write this, loads of memories flash in front of my eyes. I know I’m one of those who’ll miss every aspect of my college life- be it the ‘photocopy wale bhaiya‘ or the canteen, the shop right outside the college where we’ve spent hours just hanging with a bunch of friends relishing the good old ‘banta’ in those summers;  a few teachers, each and every corner of college, even the silence of the classmates with whom you never got the chance to interact.

As they say, only the cheery memories come to mind at the end. But this is certainly not the end, with an epic end of an era, we’re ready to begin  a new journey with lots of memories to make , pictures to click and things to learn.

I wish I put all my learning at college to some good use in the years to come and make it proud.

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