Meet Presley, a highly decent and cute service dog of a middle school student Joseph “Seph’ Ware who lives in Monroe, which is the eighth-largest city in the U.S. state of Louisiana. She was given her own spot in the yearbook, right by her human’s side. Why? Read below.

A boy and his service dog- tomatoheart-comImage Courtsey: Lori Watkins-Ware

Actually, this cutie accompanies 14-year-old Seph Ware to Good Hope Middle School in West Monroe, Louisiana, each day. Seph Ware studies in 7th Grade and he has Duchenne muscular dystrophy disorder in which the muscles become weaker and weaker. So, when Seph is too weak to walk over, Presley helps this 7th-grade kid to pick up things he cannot reach as well as run for help in case he falls. So, the school decided it should be appropriate for them to be side-by-side in the yearbook. Read what Ware family has to say about this:

“(The school) must have felt like she’s been here enough and is such a part of the school that she deserved a picture. They treat her like a student, not just like something that’s just there.”

A boy and his service dog- tomatoheart-com1Image Courtsey: Lori Watkins-Ware

Presley, the cute service dog joined the family around three and half years ago and then she has been trained for almost a year before Presley was able to come help Seph, his family said. Presley is trained to flick lights on and off, fetch shoes and even run for help if Seph falls.

“Presley makes us happy every day, so it’s really been nice to see the rest of the world be happy because of her as well, She is part of the family” Seph’s mother Lori Watkins-Ware said.

A boy and his service dog- tomatoheart-6Image Courtsey: Lori Watkins-Ware

“We throw a ball and give her treats and mess around with her in the yard,” Seph said.  The disorder with which Seph is suffering still have no fixed cure and it mostly affects young kind. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the life expectancy for someone with Duchenne’s is in their 20s.

A boy and his service dog- tomatoheart-5Image Courtsey: Lori Watkins-Ware

Notwithstanding his circumstance, Seph has a message of hope he wants to share with his companions.

“I want to tell other kids that know what your circumstances are, no matter how messed up it seems, you just have to find hope,” Seph said. “It’s easy to find if you give it a lot of hard thought — you can succeed in that goal.”

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